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Lunch yesterday was lush!
Baked some pollock in the oven with extra virgin olive oil, dried garlic, paprika and a line.
Fried off courgette and pepper in extra virgin olive oil and paprika then mixed in cooked cous cosy with raisins. 
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I broke a dress with my arse last week.
Split the seam, fuck my life.
End of story.
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Breakfast time!
Soy protein ready brek pancakes. Happy tummu!
Tonight in training legs with my friend and then doing Pilates, which is very exciting indeed! 
Last night I really couldn’t be bothered with the gym, I’m exhausted from work, but I made myself go and just did a hour cardio instead of lifting.
30 minutes each of stairmaster and the bike. Burning 600 calories, I killed that bitch!
First day off and only 1 day off, so I am going to enjoy this lots…on the sofa.

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Hi. Where did you get the great trousers Posts by August.12.2014?And the perfect Jumpsuits from July.15.2014?Please write more often to your pictures where your clothing or the brand :)

I’m not sure what trousers you are talking about.
But the playsuit is topshop!

hi, im stuck with these types of protein powders like whey concentrate, isolate, casein, isolate, soy idk they all are difficult for me to know the differences. what do you recommend me now that im going to gym and train hard to tone my body?

I’ve always got isolate as it’s a purer form. Or so I have read…
Whey is the most common. And can be used in drinks and yogurt.
Vegetable based ones such as soy and pea are the best for cooking and baking with!

have you ever had acne, pimples or zits? what do your recommend for a beautiful skin, i mean food and treatments?

I’ve been very lucky and I have never had any problems with my skin.
I had milk spots in my early teens but then soon went and were never really an issue.
Because of that I have no advice for skin. Except keep it clean, don’t full your body with junk and get a bit of sun!

I went for a meal last night with my girlfriends 👭👛
It was yummy and I ate a bucket load. That bucket load being a lobster and prawn pizza (OMG AMAZING) then some lemon cream cheesecake thing, I went to prezzo, people from England you should know how big their pizzas are, if you don’t, go and buy one, you won’t ever regret it!

I would say it was hard to eat that stuff, but that would be a complete lie, the hard part was choosing what thing I would have as there was a million carb comas waiting for me on that menu, and I wanted everyone of them. - I don’t think I have many fear foods left.

Bar a food bsby this morning I feel great. Last day at work then I have 1 day off. I need a lie in, do thank Christ!

This was my outfit last night. My arse eats these shorts, but w.e. Atleast it’s a perky arse.

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Eating clean and my body is happy.
Had my version of junk food last night. A.k.a 2 soy burgers and some sweet potato baked ‘chips’ and it was so good. Yummay in my tummay!
Munching on my lunch now, surprisingly starving after my mammoth breakfast this am.

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Life is breakfast and breakfast is life.
French toast, refined recipe, removed the sugar, added in natural vanilla extract. 3 large eggs, 50ml milk and tsp cinnamon for 60g of bread was perfecto.

My mumma bought me so much fruit and now I am so happy!
I have bluebs, strawbs and rasps on this. For lunch I have 2 apricots and 2 donut peaches along with my cous cous, veg and tuna.
Going out for food this evening I think, healthy choices will be made! 
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i have recovered mentally and physically from anorexia but i am struggling with binge eating. it's not extreme hunger because i am full but keep eating and dont even like what i am eating. i eat like 4,000 calories before 12 pm and then when i dont want dinner my family freaks out thinking i am relapsing :(((( any advice to stop bingeing!??? it is CONTROLLING everything and i don't want to gain a ton of weight and be triggered to starve myself again... ugh. i am eating chocolate as a type this

You need to turn your head on in regards to what you are eating.
It’s hard coming from a place of starving and ended up with excessive binging because the last thing you feel like you should be doing is taking control of your intake again.
4000 calories would be fine spaced out between the day you know, that would probably benefit your recovering body a lot, but before 12pm is excessive.
You clearly have some deep issues that you need to address yourself. If you are feeling bad about what you are putting in your mouth then that could be a massive factor into the binging. If I used to eat something I was not happy with eating I would end up binging as I had the whole ‘well I’ve fucked up now I may aswell carry on’ mentality - which is bloody vicious.

I can’t offer much advice apart from what I have given as it’s something I haven’t suffered from during my recovery, so I can’t really relate, I’m sorry! And I hope you manage to take control of the binging!

I get so so triggered by seeing skinny girls, do you ever get that??

No, I stopped comparing myself to skinny girls a long time ago because that’s no longer who I am.
If I compare myself to anyone it’s bikini competitors because that’s the type of figure I would like to achieve in the next few years. And that doesn’t trigger me, it pushes me to go harder.

Random photo.
New (but old) fave jeans sneaking in at the bottom.
Could never wear as just eat to big, my bum holds them up now but they still require folding down, which I actually like the look of!

Training with my friend today, we are doing legs and I’ve never trained with a friend before so I am so excited!!!!! I’m really looking forward to it.
Guna squat my little booty off!
I’m in a better mood after 1 really good day with food and a good gym sesh, I think that’s all I really needed.
Keeping control of my food more so from now on, as a shitty mentality isn’t worth it. Also felt like I’ve lost focus on the gym, so want to zone in more on that aswell!

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Whats' your current bmi?


Sometimes you just gota force yourself to go to the gym!
It makes you feel better. I haven’t been all week and that’s probably why I was in such a bad mood!

I worked shoulders and abs today and also did 30 minutes of cardio and whilst my back is uncomfortable I truly do feel better. I just wish I had a gym bud, any Gloucestershire folk out there????

I’ve shared a link on my tumblr and I would really appreciate it is all of you could donate just a small amount for the cause. It would truly touch my heart!

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This is completely not related to my blogging, but is completely related to my personal life.

A friend of mine died 2 years ago from blood poisoning, this was due to her lymphoedema - a illness that really isn’t understood that much at all, especially in her case - where it took 5 years to diagnose and resulted in her having the immune system similar to someone suffering from leukaemia.

I would really really appreciate it if even just one of you could donate even just a penny as the thought of someone else loosing a close friend due to this illness makes my stomach lurch.

I know people aren’t big on charity, I’m one of those very people, but when you lose someone who’s touched your heart i guess you would do everything possible to try and help stop it from happening to anyone else.

The page is:

Any donations at all are really genuinely appreciated! Even if you have just read to the end of this post and not scrolled past it, i appreciate that forever aswell!