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I like sun.
I also like having my bum massaged. My glutes are so tight from sitting on a plane for 3 hours and then driving for 2 hours.
I had trouble touching my toes as my back end was so tight. I wanted to roll my eyes I to the back of my head it felt so good to have it rubbed, hahahahaha.
Guna train bum and biceps today. Weird mix but it’s almost ma birthday so I can train whatever the hell I like!! Plus a big booty on your birthday is always a nice gift for yourself!!
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I can’t even begin to explain how much pain I am in at the moment8 can’t remember the last time I worked chest, well before my spinal injury, possibly like a month ago, maybe even more. It hurts so bad right now, I can’t even flex the pain just makes me want to cry, it didn’t even feel like it would hurt whilst I was doing my chest workout, I was wanting to hit myself for not upping the weights, but now, I tried to give my muscles a massage and almost passed out.
My shoulders are dead aswell… I was due biceps and back tomorrow, might do bicep and bum instead so I don’t kill my upper body off completely.
A girl needs to wave her arms whilst she’s dancing!
i wasnt asking cuz i am homophobic i dont care what you are i was just trying to clarify. i just clicked on your blog and suddenly saw all these posts about you fucking some girl so naturally i was confused. i thought it was a joke or something. so you like guys and girls, so what big deal. i dont think anyone here was being homophobic. i was just confused bc you hadnt really given a straight answer. so i guess to clarify, yes: you are bi

I feel it should be up to myself rather that yourself to clarify my own sexuality.
My blog may not look like I’ve been getting many questions, but I answer all profile linked questions privately, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions and accusations over it, it’s really annoyed me.
I don’t need to clarify my sexuality with anyone, especially people who are asking anonymously.

Dinner time!
2 tins of tuna as for lunch I ate cereal meaning not enough protein! Mmmm cereal!
Shoulder and abs was amazeballs - I didn’t have any new found strength as my eating has been bad the last few days, but I worked damn hard in the gym.
It’s like week 6 of not training my legs, my back is still sore but I think I might try it out next week. Go easy on them though as I don’t want another spinal injury thank you very much!
I answered a question in a pretty pissed manner a moment ago, where I was accused of giving people unrealistic expectations of what weight restored looked like by posing in the way I do.
Do you guys feel the same way? This is this first time it’s ever been mentioned and it pissed me off. I’m weight restored and recovered so I don’t understand how I give unrealistic expectations to people. I train really bloody hard and I’ve put a lot of time in regarding gym and my diet. Am I giving unrealistic expectations?…
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you shud stop posing like that it gives unrealistic expectstions to us who are weight restried

Does it really? Cause if people can tell I’m posing then surely they realise standing straight up and down I don’t look like this. I post photos of me standing straight and having bloat on a regular basis.
I’m not giving unrealistic expectations to anyone, especially when I’ve gone through recovery myself and I am now weight restored.
I train my fucking arse off to gain muscle and look the way I do, so I’ll pose in whatever way I want to.

Morning shape.
I feel like I’ve lost shape as I’ve lost fat on my hips, which results in me looking quite up and down. Mehhh, stupid hips.
Guna sun myself even more like a feline 🐱, then I shall go train my little midget shoulders and my abity ab abs so fingers crossed they look good tomorrow for ma birthday night out.

I ate a bowl of cereal and didn’t binge on it and I didn’t feel to guilty which was loverleyyyyyy considering my current emotions!

My hips hurt, story of my life, maybe they are growing pains - Hahahaha, doubt that!
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Breakfast today.
In really struggling to eat early on in the morning. I’m filled with guilt and nausea and it’s just a bad experience. But in still eating, even if it’s not a majorly high calorific amount, the point is I’m definitely still eating food despite every fibre of my being wanting to refuse and just delve neck into the depths of my anorexia, where currently seems safe, but I know if the worst choice I could possibly make for myself. 
I’m still obsessed with 10 portions aswell and I am munching on my tuna, so I’m doing alright I suppose!
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wait ur bisexual?

Now I understand how my brother felt when he came out.
Seriously guys, lay off the sexuality questions. I don’t understand the big deal, I don’t see how it would have an affect on people. I’m not about to ask every girl follower to come and sleep with me.
I don’t understand how this makes a difference to anyone, does my sexuality changes peoples view of me - if it does then you are homophobic and I don’t want you as a follower anyway.
My sexuality is mine. Not yours, and I won’t be answering any more questions on it.

I bought a new dress. I like my new dress. I think it’s cute and I like It on my body. So thank you very much new dress.
I also got my outfit for my 21st birthday which is on the 27th July. I’m excited for it, but also gutted as this weeks been crap and I really wanted to have a nice week for the run up as my years been so great so far, but I’ve just ended up with a pile of shit in my face. A lot if my friends have pulled out of my planned celebrations and then I’m a single Pringle, bit depressing really.
Struggling with food because of it, not guns lie and say everything is rosey as it definitely isn’t!
Anyway, new dress to make it better.
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what are your fav fruits?

Strawberries, cherries, watermelon, persimmon, raspberries, loganberries.

Did you legit have sec with Kelsey while you were visiting her? Just curious... Can't tell what's a joke and what isn't.

I always say that this is a non personal tumblr, and for that reason I’m not willing to disclose what me and Kelsey did or did not do together. She’s sexy even if she doesn’t know it!

I wana get my body fat checked again. Since starting my 10 portion craze I feel like I’ve actually lost some body fat on my stomach as my abs are showing much more easily than they have been.
I love fruit and veg so this just makes me super happy that the change I’ve made has had a positive affect on my body.
Sugars from fruit don’t make you fat at all! It’s really just some big dieting fad they feed you. Cause I mean sugar from a artificially sweetened yogurt is so much beneficial than a god damn apple right! 🍎🍏 wrong!!!!!
Going to pick up my outfit for my birthday today, excited as hell! Ekkk eekkk - I need a sugar daddy to buy me all these clothes!
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Omg I feel so bad for you right now. Your so strong babe I know you get though it. Not trying to sound insensitive but if he hurt you why did you say you cant get another one like that. Your get a better man next! XOXO

He didn’t ‘hurt me’ with his actions - he was always so perfect and caring and very sensitive to my emotions which I loved, he tried to understand everything I said to him and he still does. He just hurt me by breaking up the relationship. It was done for valid reasons and I will never be angry for what he did, I think wish he didn’t do it. I guess I didn’t express to him just how much I actually loved him. I’m much better with written words than I am spoken and that can result in me seeming quite withdrawn at times!
He was a beautiful person, I will never find another one like him, simply because he was such a fun loving and individual soul.

i don't mean this offensively at all and am just super curious, do you like girls as well as boys?

How would that be taken offensively? I like both boys and girls.

Size 6 doesn’t like me as much as I like size 6.
Weight restored but still a midget. Small hips are good for some things, like fitting through small gaps however they are not so good when you want to look your age, find clothes easily and give birth to babies πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ž
I bought a sweet potato that weighed 1.67kg, it cheered me up for all of 10 seconds, now I’ve returned to the sofa to contemplate the thing people call dinner.
I would say ‘ed problems’ but right now it’s ‘love life problems’ 
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